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Shop new and used Cleveland golf clubs and save on your purchase when you trade in your used clubs. Browse by club type, and learn more about Cleveland below. Cleveland Golf started off as a company known for producing exquisite replicas of classic golf clubs from the 1940's and 1950's. Today, the company is regarded as one of the forerunners in product innovation and is home to the #1 Wedge in Golf. Cleveland Golf got their start when they came out with new high tech products called VAS. These woods and irons immediately took off when Corey Pavin won the 1995 US Open with them and Cleveland hasn’t looked back. Over the years, Cleveland Golf has produced popular products such as: the CG iron line ranging from the CG1 to the CG16 and CG Black, the Hi-Bore woods including the original Hi-Bore driver and Hi-bore XLS, and the ever popular Launcher woods and irons. Cleveland Golf has recently become an industry leader in the driver category by producing a line of classic-themed drivers, including the Classic XL driver in 2013. These drivers have looks inspired by golf tradition, and modern technology with performance to rival any of the bigger names in drivers. Cleveland has had success with their woods and irons, but their bread and butter continues to be their wedges. Year in and year out, Cleveland has had the best selling wedges on the market. With the 2013 588 RTX wedges, Cleveland was able to mill a face for extreme spin while still conforming with the USGA limits on groove size and shape.Cleveland Golf is at the forefront of the golf industry and continues to make strides in coming up with new equipment that will meet needs of golfers around the world.