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2nd Swing Golf has the largest selection of new and used PING golf clubs for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a driver, putter, fairway wood, irons, or wedges, you can browse through the PING models you’re most interested in and get a great deal by trading in your used clubs. PING Golf has emerged over the course of the last six decades as one of the largest and most successful golf manufacturers in the world. The company, however, began as little more than a hobby. PING was founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959. Solheim, who was an engineer, was making putters on a part-time basis out of his garage in California, and it was the distinctive sound that those putters made from which the company got its name. As Solheim’s designs became more and more popular, he made PING Golf a full-time venture and moved the company to its current headquarters in Phoenix. Solheim, who earned induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame for his many contributions to the game of golf, passed away in 2000, but the company is now run by his son, John Solheim, under whose leadership PING remains at the forefront of innovation when it comes to golf club design. PING also has long been an industry leader in terms of understanding the importance of club fitting, and its revolutionary color-coded system to denote lie angle in irons allowed average golfers to be fit for and buy clubs that matched their static measurements and swing type. PING also introduced some of the most iconic clubs of all-time to the golf world, including Anser putters and PING Eye 2 irons. All told, PING golf clubs have been in the bag for more than 2,000 PGA Tour wins, and the company has one of if not the most loyal followings in golf among recreational players.